A lazy lie in


So last night I had my first night of restless sleep – perhaps a sign that Baby E might be making an appearance soon?! I woke up completely exhausted. Luckily I have the best husband in the world. Firstly he took Rory out (they had breakfast at the diner before a pot of shopping and park time) which meant I had a lovely lie in until 9:30 which was much needed. Waking up to a quiet house feels very strange and luxurious and when I came into the kitchen to have some breakfast, there waiting for me was the latest British Red magazine and my favourite giant Cadbury’s buttons. A work colleague had got them at O’s request! The boys returned home for lunch and since we’re now hosting Thanksgiving we decided to go to Whole Foods to pick up some bits including a big organic turkey. It’s supposed to turn pretty arctic from tomorrow onwards, so we also popped into Polarn o pyret to get some warm snow gear for Rory. We ended up coming home quite late and with the temperature already dropping, felt very pleased we’d stocked up on supplies.



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