After yesterday’s cold but beautiful sunshine, Rory and I were disappointed to wake up to grey skies and rain. Luckily a quick skype with the gorgeous Mel and Emily Appleby put a smile on our faces. We headed out for a play date with Jennifer, Baby Nola and Saffron at One Girl Cookies. Whilst us mummy’s enjoyed warming tea, Rory and Saffron colored and played with play dough (drawing quite an audience from lots of other neighbourhood children). We later bumped into Christine, Gracie and Mason and all headed to Powerhouse Books which is always a great place to spend a rainy hour. Luckily the rain had stopped by the afternoon, so we were able to get some much needed fresh air at the park with Lucy and Teddy, Katherine, Oscar and Amelia and Heather and Luke. By the time the park closed and we got home O was already there warming up a yummy take away from The Meatball Shop. In the post we got this lovely play blanket from Blabla Kids for Baby E, which is incredibly soft, has practical handles to take out and about with us and a very sweet design. I love Fridays.



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