A sunset scoot


Rory and I spent a lovely morning with our brilliant postpartum doula, Anna Ruth. We know Anna Ruth really well as she was our parent and child teacher from Rory’s nursery last year. It just so happens that she’s also a doula (as well as many other brilliant things) and we’re looking forward to her helping us out when Baby E arrives, all being well within a couple of weeks. Rory loved seeing her again and I feel so at ease in her company. Since we don’t live near any family we’re hoping she’ll be able to take on the ‘nurturing our family’ role.  Today she asked lots of logistical questions, like where we store all of our food (she’ll cook for us), where we put the dishes for when she tidies up, how to use the washer and dryer for helping with the laundry etc. etc. It makes me feel more at ease with this huge life transition. In the afternoon we met up with the gorgeous Marji and Gray for a sunset scoot around the park. We also bumped into Oliver and Maeve and the boys enjoyed a good catch up.


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