Baby E’s crib


This morning O, Rory and I went into Manhattan, firstly for me to get my hair cut with my brilliant hairdresser, Allen, at Bumble and Bumble (I had a good two inches off, which feels so good as I think this might be my last visit for a few months whilst I’m busy with Baby E) and later to meet the gorgeous Dunst family at Soho House for brunch. Christine has been incredibly kind to drive Rory and I to nursery school, which has been such a godsend, that we wanted to treat them to say thank you. It was so great hanging out with them and the children not only ate a great meal but enjoyed activities together. In the afternoon, the nesting continued. Uncle Henry came over to take Rory to the park for a couple of hours and O and I got busy preparing our room and Baby E’s crib. We moved all of our furniture out, took our bed apart and wiped every inch down, tightened up screws, hoovered and turned our matress over and finally set up the crib. There is not a speck of dirt left and I hope that O and I will be comfortable in our bed as Baby E will be in his. His crib is incredibly clever and a very generous gift from Granny M and Granddad K. It’s a co-sleeper, a (bigger than normal) bassinet and a travel crib. It also looks stylish. I’m hoping that Baby E will sleep very soundly in it.





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