Being pampered and treated


Today was one of those blissful days where you feel incredibly lucky. First of all a lovely mummy and friend from Rory’s nursery who works at one of the best prenatal massage salons in the city treated me to a massage as a gift for me and Baby E. Needless to say it was so lovely and exactly what I needed. Afterwards I went to Wholefoods to start getting a few things ready for my hospital bag. Loaded up with bits and bobs I met up with O and Rory and we enjoyed a spot of brunch at yummy Saxon and Parole, which I highly recommend. As a special treat O then took me to the Hatch pop up shop and treated me to a Hatch to Hospital box. It’s such a wonderful gift and we had a lovely time at the shop. O sat and sipped juice whilst perusing Kinfolk, Rory tucked into a homemade brownie whilst I browsed all of the lovely things. Such a wonderful pampering day. Feeling very spoiled and lucky.


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