A wonderful day with my girls


I woke up incredibly excited as yesterday I had received an email instructing me to be ready for 11:15 outside of my apartment building for a day of celebration and pampering for me and Baby E. O had obviously also been in on the surprise and he started the spoiling by giving me this beautiful cape to wear which I’ve been lusting after for a while. Once I was all dressed up I headed outside where a huge car rolled up with my lovely girlfriends; Marji, Christine, Lucy and Lora were waiting inside. I climbed in and we were all whisked away to a secret location in the city. With lots of catching up, coconut water and giggles we soon pulled up to the swanky Le Parker Meridien Hotel (very, very NYC) and went straight to Ten Over Ten for a lovely pedicure. It was so fun all being in the same place, choosing our different colors, sipping our drinks and chatting endlessly. After we dried off we headed downstairs to the bar for some cocktails (or a mocktail in my case) and Lora introduced our next activity. She had secretly been in touch with my mum and O’s mum and asked for lots of interesting and embarrassing stories from our childhoods. She would read one out and the other girls had to guess whether is was about me or O. It was all very funny (and fascinating for them apparently).  After drinks we headed into Norma’s for brunch which is very much a New York institution. To add to the surprise Penny was there and it was so lovely for her to put a face to the girls I rave about. After ordering, Marji read a very moving letter from my mum as she couldn’t be with us which had us all in tears and presented me with a photo montage of all of our little babies (how they’ve grown). It was soon time to go home and although the day went by so quickly the special memories I have from it will last forever. What special, beautiful friends (adopted family) I have. Thank you all, I love you x





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  1. Hi
    I love the look of the hatch collection and have my eye on the cape. Wanted to check how the fit is? Do you think it’s a worthwhile purchase?

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