An anniversary date


O and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday, but because he had a big pitch on Thursday, we postponed celebrations until today. Ever since we’ve been together O has traditionally planned a surprise celebration day which I always love and which he always gets spot on. This year there was a ‘wellbeing’ element to our anniversary. I think we are both pretty exhausted at the moment; him from traveling and a hectic work schedule and me from looking after Rory and being towards the end of my third trimester. I got him this, which although may initially seem unromantic, was very much thought out (I wanted to show that I understand he’s a bit burnt out and want to support him in nourishing himself back to health – especially before our baby arrives) and I have to say was greatly appreciated. He obviously had the same idea as today we left Rorykins with the lovely Lora, Oliver, Maeve and Andrew and I was whisked away to Soho House where my first stop was at The Cowshed Spa for a blissful prenatal massage. I could have just laid in that beautiful, serene room and been happy! I also kept thinking how this would be the perfect place to give birth. Whilst I was being pampered, O had a lovely steam, long shower and did this meditation (something I recommended that he now really enjoys). We met up for a delicious brunch which involved green and red juices as well as a few treats (it is our anniversary after all). We picked up Rory in the afternoon and I can’t tell you how refreshed we both felt and how much more energy we had to give him. A good lesson in the importance of looking after yourself before you look after others.  


Gavin’s pirate party


The weather has finally turned slightly Autumnal, so we all wrapped up and headed out to Gavin’s pirate birthday party. Whilst lots of children enjoyed the art table and the steel band, Rory was content to hang out with his besties playing with trucks in the playground. He managed to tear himself away briefly to eat some pizza and cake before being thoroughly thrilled with his party swag which we then spent the rest of the afternoon reading. A lovely family day.

PS A very happy birthday to my lovely mum who is currently being spoilt in London – we wish we could be with you.




A fantastic Friday


Rory and I enjoyed such a fabulous day today. We met Jennifer, Saffron and new baby Nola in the park where Jen and I basked in the sun and I grilled her on all things baby and toddler. Rory and Saffron were happy playing in the sand. We later met birthday girl Marji, Gray and Luke for a yummy birthday picnic lunch in the park. After nap we met up with Lora, Oliver and Maeve and got some cakes from One Girl to have a proper birthday tea party in the park for Marji. Afterwards we all went on the carousel and as soon as we’d finished we got a phone call from O saying he was home, hurrah! We enjoyed a lovely family supper before O and I curled up and watched The Bling Ring which is absolutely fascinating and horrifying!


Happy Anniversary O


I can’t believe that fourteen years ago today I snogged the hottest man I’ve ever known. I can’t believe that four years ago today I made the best decision of my life and married the man of my dreams. Luckily both of these men are one and the same; my love, my life, my O.

Climbing trees


Happy Monday! It was Columbus Day today so Rorykins didn’t have nursery. Instead we took advantage of the beautiful Autumn weather (although it was so hot we were mainly in T-Shirts) and met up with Marji, Gray and Luke and Lucy and Teddy for a scoot. The boys are getting so fast. By chance we bumped into the gorgeous Jennifer who gave birth to beautiful baby Nola Jane last Saturday. It was so wonderful to see them out and about with Jen looking so radiant and calm, Saffron looking like a very proud sister and baby Nola just snoozing and cuddling up to her mama. It makes me so excited for Baby E. Of course I bombarded her with lots of questions as she’s such a brilliant mummy and tackles everything with such grace and ease. After lunch Rory took a long nap (they seem to be back, just not at the weekend when Daddy is home) so I started my new preparation for birth hypnotherapy (since I’mm 33 weeks I’ve graduated from this one) which I love and hope will help me with the birth that I’d love. We headed to the park in the afternoon to catch up with more friends before supper. The boys, having observed an older child, wanted to climb trees. I’m supposed to be going out on a girls night tonight, but predictably O is working late so won’t be able to make it. Instead I’m going to have a lovely long soak in the bath and catch up with the latest edition of Red magazine.

A few more preparations for Baby E


It was another beautiful day so we all enjoyed a chilled start with porridge, maple syrup and stewed pears and a light spot of reading. We all can’t believe how quickly time is going and know it won’t be long until Baby E is here so this morning we did a few more bits to prepare. We set up his clever bassinet/ co-sleeper to see where the best position for it would be and Rory tested Bobby out in it. He assured us that Baby E would be very happy sleeping there. We also sorted through all of his new things and now need to start on doing some washing and ironing so that everything is all put away in its place for when he chooses to join us – we are beyond excited! O had to go into work this afternoon so after a lovely catch up with Uncle Niall, Rory and I played Duplo and did a few more jobs to prepare for the week ahead. It’s going to be another snuggly night with O having some Jacques Torres hot chocolate with this treat and watching Homeland.



The weather here is absolutely stunning at the moment and Rory and I were so thrilled to have O home that we planned a lovely family day out in Williamsburg. We leisurely strolled to the ferry and caught it to Greenpoint where we began our day at the gorgeous Caribou Baby where Rory enjoyed playing whilst O and I shopped for a few little bis for Baby E. We got him this gorgeous baby hat and this cool teething necklace (which he won’t be needing for a little while I hope). We then strolled through the park up to the stunning Wythe Hotel where we had a yummy brunch. We continued on our way perusing lots of the lovely boutiques and stopped off for an afternoon snack at Depanneur, where they stock English goodies like Buttons, which Rory loved. We decided to get back on the ferry and head to Imagination Playground where Rory enjoyed a great play and O and I were able to relax and catch up on a bench in the Autumnal sun. I love these sorts of days with my boys.









Hurrah, O is home


Rory and I were very excited to reach Friday and welcome O home after a very long week away from each other. Since we weren’t seeing him until family supper we kept ourselves busy with seeing friends. In the morning we headed to the park with Lucy and Teddy and Christine, Gracie and Mason before heading home for lunch. After nap I used the below delicious looking aubergines that we got at the CSA this week (together with butternut squash) to marinade in a curry paste for tomorrow night. Later in the afternoon we headed over to Lora’s roof terrace where we hung out with Oliver, Maeve, Heather and Luke and Lucy and Teddy. Lora had been so incredibly thoughtful and made us a family supper as she knows how exhausting it can be being solo with a toddler for a week. O came up to the rooftop to surprise Rory and we headed home together where we all tucked in to Lora’s meal – It was seriously yummy. Feeling very happy to have my boy home and truly blessed to have such thoughtful, caring friends looking out for me.




A sweet from my sweet


Unfortunately O has now jetted off again after his very brief visit home but it was lovely to sleep beside him and wake up to this yummy treat and sweet note. Rory was chuffed to bits with his fireman mittens. Rory and I enjoyed a chilled day together. The weather has suddenly turned Autumnal so we used this as an excuse to scoot to Jacques Torres for hot chocolate which we enjoyed at the park with friends.









Teddy comes to play


After the lovely Lucy helped me out with Rory yesterday afternoon so I could do my pre-natal yoga class, I was only too happy to return the favor this morning by having Teddy round for a play date. Rory was thrilled. They pretty much kept themselves entertained with me only having to step in and referee a few times. After an ‘energetic’ morning, Rory and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. O came home very, very late from the UK for five hours of sleep before heading out again in the early hours for his next trip. Always happy to get a snog from my boy though.