Happy Halloween


Although O, Rory and I were very sad not to be part of our usual NYC Halloween tradition where Rory and his friends dress up and we adults catch up and take lots of photos, it was lovely to be out in the fresh country air. Today we explored Rhinebeck, a beautiful, quintessential American village. We had lunch at yummy Bread Alone before exploring a few of the local boutiques. Marji had advised us to go to Oliver Kita for chocolate treats (they catered her wedding) and it didn’t disappoint. We warmed up with a hot chocolate and stocked up on some goodies to celebrate Halloween. We headed up to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR’s) house for an explore but Rorykins, exhausted from all of the fresh air and exploring, fell asleep in the car, so whilst Grandma and Grandpa explored the library, O and I put on some music and the heated car seats and caught up. In the evening we headed out to Big Indian to Peekamoose Restaurant on Lora’s recommendation and enjoyed a delicious, indulgent three course meal. Rory kept up and was rewarded with a treat for Halloween from the restaurant.







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