Pregnancy relaxation


Rory had been complaining of a sore tummy all morning but I thought he just needed a poo. We went to nursery as normal and although he had a brilliant time with no real issues with his stomach, he came home exhausted (falling asleep on the journey home). He tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully, to go before the ‘flood gates’ opened and I had a poorly little boy on my hands. We managed to get through the day, but it is at times like this where I need my pregnancy relaxation tricks more than ever. After lunch when Rory either has a nap (infrequently) or has quiet rest time (most days) I make myself a cup of this tea, warm up my organic lavender scented wheaty bag for my back, spray this amazing deep sleep pillow spray, cuddle up with my ‘boyfriend‘ and listen to my birth hypnotherapy. It takes 45 minutes and I feel completely rested and revived after. I’m ready to tackle the afternoon with an active toddler. Little things make all the difference to this tired mama.


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