An anniversary date


O and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday, but because he had a big pitch on Thursday, we postponed celebrations until today. Ever since we’ve been together O has traditionally planned a surprise celebration day which I always love and which he always gets spot on. This year there was a ‘wellbeing’ element to our anniversary. I think we are both pretty exhausted at the moment; him from traveling and a hectic work schedule and me from looking after Rory and being towards the end of my third trimester. I got him this, which although may initially seem unromantic, was very much thought out (I wanted to show that I understand he’s a bit burnt out and want to support him in nourishing himself back to health – especially before our baby arrives) and I have to say was greatly appreciated. He obviously had the same idea as today we left Rorykins with the lovely Lora, Oliver, Maeve and Andrew and I was whisked away to Soho House where my first stop was at The Cowshed Spa for a blissful prenatal massage. I could have just laid in that beautiful, serene room and been happy! I also kept thinking how this would be the perfect place to give birth. Whilst I was being pampered, O had a lovely steam, long shower and did this meditation (something I recommended that he now really enjoys). We met up for a delicious brunch which involved green and red juices as well as a few treats (it is our anniversary after all). We picked up Rory in the afternoon and I can’t tell you how refreshed we both felt and how much more energy we had to give him. A good lesson in the importance of looking after yourself before you look after others.  


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