Climbing trees


Happy Monday! It was Columbus Day today so Rorykins didn’t have nursery. Instead we took advantage of the beautiful Autumn weather (although it was so hot we were mainly in T-Shirts) and met up with Marji, Gray and Luke and Lucy and Teddy for a scoot. The boys are getting so fast. By chance we bumped into the gorgeous Jennifer who gave birth to beautiful baby Nola Jane last Saturday. It was so wonderful to see them out and about with Jen looking so radiant and calm, Saffron looking like a very proud sister and baby Nola just snoozing and cuddling up to her mama. It makes me so excited for Baby E. Of course I bombarded her with lots of questions as she’s such a brilliant mummy and tackles everything with such grace and ease. After lunch Rory took a long nap (they seem to be back, just not at the weekend when Daddy is home) so I started my new preparation for birth hypnotherapy (since I’mm 33 weeks I’ve graduated from this one) which I love and hope will help me with the birth that I’d love. We headed to the park in the afternoon to catch up with more friends before supper. The boys, having observed an older child, wanted to climb trees. I’m supposed to be going out on a girls night tonight, but predictably O is working late so won’t be able to make it. Instead I’m going to have a lovely long soak in the bath and catch up with the latest edition of Red magazine.


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