A special gift for Rorykins


Although Rory doesn’t actually turn three until 17th December we enjoyed throwing him an early birthday party before the madness of Baby E happens. As part of this he received some very lovely gifts. We’ve been staggering them, so as not to overwhelm and keeping some back to be nearer to his birthday, but one he was very excited about, Marji delivered by hand. It was from all of his besties (Gray, Oliver, Gracie and Teddy) and was actually four gifts with a common theme. We opened the card first, which he loved as it was a picture of Brooklyn with all of the familiar sights of his home and I cried at the sweet words that they’d all written to him. The first gift was a clue to the others and Rory calls it his very special book. The main gift was a beautiful doll’s house with the smaller packages being furniture for it. The most furniture set he was taken with was the nursery set with the baby, buggy, crib (with sweet mobile), changing table and high chair. He immediately said “look mummy, it’s Baby E” and played with it. I’m so touched and constantly feeling so blessed to have such wonderful friends (adoptive family) here in NYC. On a week where all of my family seemed very far away back in the UK it’s always a comfort to know that I have these amazing ladies and such a brilliant support network right here on my doorstop. Thank you, thank you x




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