Nursery without Mummy


Rory and I both had a great nights sleep so woke up feeling refreshed. We started our day with this yummy porridge made with this healthy milk (with raisins and cinnamon) and a Facetime with O who had landed safely and was visiting the Grandparents. Soon it was time to go to nursery and today Rory managed to go for the whole session without me, which makes me so proud. I waited in the parents lounge and read my book and chatted to the other parents in the class. It was a break that was much appreciated. We came home for lunch and Rory announced that he was pretty tired and wanted a nap today. He wasn’t joking, I came in to find him fast asleep with his fire engine and recycling truck. We met up with Lucy and Teddy for a spot of puddle jumping and although it wasn’t raining Rory insisted on taking his umbrella out with him “just in case”. It did start to get a bit stormy, so we headed home, via Jacques Torres with warm cookies and hot chocolate to warm us up. We popped into Christy and Emmett’s house for a lovely play date before having supper and Facetiming with O before bed time.



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