A gentle transition


As usual, Rory was ridiculously excited to head to nursery this morning. His indoor slippers were waiting for him by a bench when he came into class and afterwards he immediately rushed off to enjoy some tea and nuts for snack. Soon he was busy helping to knead the bread that the children would later eat for lunch with their soup, so he was non fussed when his teacher told him that I was going out of the class for a little while to meet with friends. Most of us parents got to leave and hang out in the parents lounge next door, where I indulged in sitting in the comfiest rocking chair for an hour and a half. It was lovely to catch up and exchange stories. It went so well that we only went back to class at the end (the children had just enjoyed a puppet show) and pick them up. Rory was great but I loved the way his little face lit up when he saw me. He immediately asked what I had been doing and seemed happy with the response of meeting up with friends. Needless to say he was pretty tired that afternoon, so we enjoyed some gentle play at the park in this beautiful hot Autumnal weather.


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