Relaxing around our neighbourhood


We all enjoyed a good night’s sleep and Rory seems to be recovering well. With a busy week ahead, we decided an easy, local day was what was needed. I spent the early part of the morning cooking a kale, green bean, potato and parmesan soup and seasoning some vegetables and chicken with spices for a mexican feast tonight. We then all headed out in the beautiful weather and headed to the ‘beach’ by our apartment to scoop and collect stones and skim them across the water. Afterwards we enjoyed a peruse of Smorgasburg before stopping by Alomndine for a warm baguette for our soup and Foragers where I got some more of this yummy almond milk which I can’t stop drinking at the moment. The soup and bread were yummy and at rest time I enjoyed reading this article (particularly the table) which highlights beautifully the difference between main stream parenting and gentle parenting, which can sometimes be hard to achieve but sometime I try hard to aspire to. I already have the baby book (which I love) but have just pre-ordered the toddler book. At Rory’s request we popped to our local bookshop before picking up some afternoon tea treats from One Girl and enjoying a picnic on the grass. Rory was in bed early again so O and I are getting ready to make a Mexican feast and snuggle in to watch the Emmys.





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