Getting over sniffles


Even though the weather was truly beautiful today (incredibly hot but Autumnal at the same time) and we enjoyed a gorgeous morning with friends Marji, Gray and Luke and Christine, Gracie and Mason, poor Rory is still under the weather. In fact when we got home for lunch he was almost inconsolable. After lots of cuddles, a small, healthy lunch and a small dose of these vitamins I tucked him up in bed where he enjoyed a two hour nap. It’s always so distressing when your baby feels like this and you feel so helpless to help. Luckily a Skype with the gorgeous Mel helped cheer me up as well as O coming home from work early to offer support. A gentle walk when he woke up followed by a long, steamy shower with these essential oil drops and a few room preparations (humidifier, this spray, this chest balm and towels to elevate his mattress) ensured that he had a good nights sleep. Here’s hoping he feels better tomorrow…


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