A relaxing day


Rory had a brilliant nights sleep and like yesterday waited until we got him to get out of his bedroom, yay! After a yummy breakfast of greek yoghurt and pumpkin and fig granola we headed out to nursery, where Rory enjoyed a wonderful morning. Although sunny, it was pretty chilly in the shade (a sign that Autumn is here) so Rory snuggled with Daddy whilst we waited for our lift with Christine and Gracie. Once at nursery, he put his cosy indoor shoes on, ran off to the kitchen area for a cup of tea and some orange before playing with friends. Today we tried me going to the loo for a little bit of time away from him and he did brilliantly, not minding my absence at all. He helped make and bake the organic spelt bread which he later had warm with barley and vegetable soup – he couldn’t get enough of it. On the way home we all stopped off at yummy Union Market where we picked up some healthy bits for lunch. After a rest I dropped Rory off at Marji’s whilst I indulged in some lovely prenatal yoga. After missing it for a couple of weeks because of potty training and starting nursery, I was so pleased to be back. I picked Rory up from Marji’s, who had had a lovely afternoon playing with one of his besties, Gray, before we came home and had the warming soup I made last night with fresh Sullivan Street Bakery bread. Once again after his bath, massage and story, Rory was snug as a bug in his big boy bed at 6:15. I’m so proud of my (baby) big boy!


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