A big boy bed


Today we were all feeling rather sleepy after such a busy week so we stayed close to home, did a few jobs and cooked some yummy meals (including a delicious mexican feast). One of our jobs was taking the middle panel off Rory’s crib to create a transitional ‘big boy bed’ which he has been requesting for some time after seeing his friend’s Mia’s bed and looking at pictures of them in his reading books. From day one our crib has been brilliant and incredibly hard working. We initially were drawn to it, not only for aesthetic reasons (although I do love it) but because it was narrow and on wheels, which when you live in a small one bedroomed apartment (which we did when Rory was first born) was essential. He has always loved the cocoon shape of it and slept brilliantly in it from the day he got home from hospital. It continues to work hard as we have now taken off the middle panel and the wheels and it has become a transitional bed for him to get used to before moving into a full toddler bed. We did this for a few reasons. Since Rory has dropped his nap, he’s been getting used to having rest time in his room, this way he has a few more options, like reading books or quietly playing, although we have implemented some strict rules, such as not being able to leave his room until I get him or he shouts and not touching certain things which we’ve agreed together. Today went well. He’s also done so well with his potty training that he’s quite eager to get rid of nappies altogether, the new bed set up allows him the freedom to get in and out as he pleases, including when he needs to use his potty. Although we’re not quite ready for nighttime training, he is getting ready to not wearing a nappy for nap time. I’ve also been finding it increasingly hard to lift him into his crib. I’m now in my third trimester and he is a heavy, growing toddler, so this way my back gets a break. And finally, we’re encouraging him to make these ‘big boy’ leaps when he is so enthusiastic and before Baby E arrives, so he doesn’t feel that all of these changes are because of the new baby. Tonight he enjoyed quietly reading a few books but when I went in to check on him 15 minutes later, the books were neatly stacked on his chair and he was fast asleep cuddling Bobby. Let’s hope we don’t have any night time visitors tonight!











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