A new scooter


We’re so proud of Rory and how quickly he’s taken to both potty training and settling in at nursery that we wanted to get him a little special something to say well done. This morning he was most excited to read the letter that the Potty Bunny had left, especially given that he hasn’t heard from the Potty Bunny in a week. He was thrilled to find this scooter waiting for him and was eager for him and Bobby to try it out straight away. After breakfast the boys went on a little bike ride to pick up some yummy food for the weekend before we all headed to the park to fly a kite with lots of other local families at a kite flying festival. We purchased a very sweet, small kite (which matched the colour of Rory’s gillet) and demonstrated how to run with your hand held high in the air. Rory really got into it and rather than calling it a kite, kept calling it a ‘fly kite’ which was sweet. After lunch and rest time we spent the afternoon learning how to scoot. He’s getting the hang of it.


















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