We love NYC


Today was an absolute scorcher so Rory and I joined Lucy and Teddy and headed to Imagination to play in the water to cool off. After lunch and a nap, O came home from his trip. Rory was thrilled and insisted that they go to the park outside to play with the ball. Capturing the Freedom Tower in the background was poignant today and made me think about how lucky we are to live in this wonderful city and remember those who were not so fortunate on 9/11. Later on in the afternoon, Nancy, Rory’s hairdresser from his one haircut, came round to the apartment to give him a tidy up. Gray also came to have a trim. Afterwards the boys enjoyed a lovely, albeit brief, play together before supper. Afterwards we all took a stroll down to pick our CSA up and it was still unbelievably hot. Snuggling in with O tonight and the many British treats he’s come home with!



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