Rory starts nursery school


Today was incredibly exciting as Rorykins started nursery school. Unfortunately we didn’t have a great nights sleep, which is so unusual for Rory and given that O is away, we were both a little tired at breakfast time. Luckily the excitement kicked in and soon we were bundling in the car with the lovely Christine and Gracie and on our merry way. The children had sliced apples in the car and were chatting away about where they were going, even holding hands. Once we arrived at nursery we were given a special canvas bag with Rory’s name on and designated a peg. We changed into his comfy indoor slippers and off he went. This class is a gentle transition, given that Rory has only ever been at home with me, so I get to stay in the class for however long it takes for him to separate confidently, given today, I don’t think I’ll be there for very long. He’s familiar with the classroom and nursery as we have already done a year of parent and child, so I think this helps. Whilst I waited with the other parents in a curtained section of the classroom, (open so that the children can come to their parents whenever the need to, but closed enough that we’re not a distraction), Rory toddled off to do his thing. The children were greeted with a teapot of warm berry tea and some fruit and nuts at the table served in mini ceramic cups, or could play freely. Rory was most excited about being able to go upstairs in the tree house. There was a little puppet show and some songs before a small lunch was served at the table, set with linen napkins, small glass bowls, drinking glasses and child sized cutlery. All of the children washed and dried their hands before singing a ‘thanks’ song. The meal was organic brown rice and vegetables with nori and bragg (a liquid amino digestive enzyme). Rory couldn’t get enough and had two full helpings. All of the children helped to tidy away their dishes before enjoying a circle time. Although all of the ten children in the class were continuously busy, there was a wonderful sense of calm to the whole class, there was chat but no crying, collaborative play but no arguing, it really was fascinating to watch and learn from. The other parents and I enjoyed a very calm hour of reading/ sewing/ knitting and exchanging excited and proud looks. Today’s class was deliberately short as a way of transitioning. All three of the teachers commented on how well Rory did and I was thrilled that he loved it and didn’t have any potty accidents! He even asked to go back there in the afternoon. I said you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. What a beautiful way to start your formal education.





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