Getting ready to start nursery


Rory and I are very excited to start nursery tomorrow. Today was all about getting ready and I certainly got into the ‘back to school’ spirit. Firstly, I put these name labels into his clothes. We went for grey embroidery with a picture of a steam train to help him identify his clothing, should he loose it, as he can’t read his name yet. He also got a special bag with his name on for the spare clothes we have to keep at school. We chose an outfit together and laid it out on his little chair ready for the morning. We then read this book, which Rory loves and makes him very excited for starting nursery.¬†Unfortunately, O had to fly off to London tonight, a last minute business trip which he was gutted about as he wanted to join Rory for his first day. He left him a sweet note for the morning and a little treat for me. A new Orla Kiely bag with a message. The message was one I originally left him hidden in his wallet when he last traveled, so it was sweet that he found it and wrote a reply. Now for a good night’s sleep…







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