Back to school picnic


Today lots of the parents and children from Rory’s nursery school (which he starts on Monday) gathered in the school garden for a start of the new academic year picnic. Rory spent the morning helping O prepare the food and loved using his new transport sandwich cutters that the Potty Bunny had left him especially for the event.  The garden is beautiful and Rory loved exploring it. There is a very cool tree house/ birds nest built by this famous sculptor, a pond full of fish and turtles, a vegetable patch with chickens and a huge ‘digging’ area. It was great to for him to meet his teachers and other classmates and for us to spend time with the parents. Even Uncle Henry turned up to eat with us and see Rorykins. Afterwards we explored Nolita and loved this new shop. I was especially proud as we spent the whole day out in the city and there were no accidents, woo hoo! Feeling exhausted, we staying in tonight and continuing watching this brilliant Woody Allen documentary.















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