Snuggle time


We’re continuing our gentle rhythm at home both to normalize potty training and relax before nursery starts on Monday. After doing a few jobs around the apartment we headed out in the beautiful weather to hang out at the park with Christine, Gracie and Mason. With no accidents (yay) we headed home for lunch and a rest. Although Rory has basically dropped his nap, he still gets tired and needs to rest. He has quiet time for around 50 minutes in his crib, but mainly enjoys snuggling in his chair with his blanket and reading. We did a spot of food shopping in the afternoon and then enjoyed a play date with Oliver, Maeve and Lora (who had made yummy muffins). An early family supper followed by an early night means that O and I can snuggle up and have a long evening to ourselves, bliss.

PS Shock horror! Rory is turning into a proper American. This morning the Potty Bunny gave him a ‘football’ and he called it a ‘soccer ball’. O was not happy 😉



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