Hanging with Gray


I feel like we’ve turned a corner with the whole potty training. Whereas the last week was a little military, this week was all about normalizing and observing. I’ve discovered that Rory doesn’t like to use the potty in the park, even if he needs it, as it’s so exposed. I get around this by prompting him to use the potty before we leave home and then timing an hour and heading to a public loo or heading home for him to use it again. This seems to be working. We’ve also been making a conscious effort to eat lots of fruit and vegetables to help with constipation as we all want to avoid what happened earlier this week. As an extra special well done for taking to potty training over the last week, the Potty Bunny left him this little fire station which he was completely delighted with. Gray has been away on holiday for the last week and Rory has desperately missed him. In fact, he asked everyday if he could go to the Caribbean (which I wouldn’t have minded) to see him. So he was thrilled that he got to hang out at the park playing with monster trucks and swinging on the swings. I was really proud of him because he didn’t have any accidents and in fact held his wee until we were at a public loo and then went in his potty. We seem to be back on track making lots of progress. Rory was very excited to receive a card from Granny M in the post, congratulating him on his potty progress and wishing him love and luck for starting nursery on Monday… where has the time gone?!







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