Potty training day two


After the success of yesterday, Rory was incredibly keen to hear from the Potty Bunny and I was keen to move on to Block 2 and aspects of Block 3 from this book. As a reminder, yesterday Rory wore no nappy (apart from nap and nighttime) but was naked. He had a brilliant day with wee’s and poo’s both in the potty and no accidents. This morning he was happy to take his nappy off and continue with some naked time.  For block 2 I needed to introduce clothing. The book recommends going ‘commando’, i.e., wearing trousers or dresses without pants so the child can feel any accidents. Underpants can also give the same security feelings as a nappy which we’re trying to move away from at this stage. Rory was keen to get some trousers on but within the first 20 minutes had had an accident. The sensation of wetting himself clicked straight away and he called me. I calmly said “Oh dear, you’ve had an accident. Next time remember to use the potty.” then made a big show and dance of putting it in the washing machine. We stayed home in trousers for another hour, by which time he had got the hang of it. He still finds it tricky to “push” down his trousers to sit on the potty, but this is something that’s improving with time and experience. I decided to venture into a little of Block 3 and venture out. The Potty Bunny had delivered this special travel potty, just like the one from his potty book so he was excited to use it. I also installed this on the bugaboo to keep it dry. We kept it local and went to the nearest park. I did prompt him quite a lot here and he did manage a wee in the potty before it was time to go home. Thankfully no accidents. We had more time at home before and after lunch where he kept his trousers on, but continued to use the potty well. We spent an hour and a half out at the park in the afternoon, with less prompting from me. Although he said he needed to go and tried several times, he didn’t have any more wee’s in the travel potty. But at least he’s trying of his own accord. We are both thrilled and exhausted at his progress. Rorykins was asleep by 6:30 tonight.






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