Potty training day one


So we’re finally here. Potty training. Before I tell you how we got on I wanted to mention a few things from this book that I’m using as a reference. The reason I like this book is because it talks about going with the individual child and not necessarily being dictated to by days, i.e., if your child isn’t ready to move on from block one then you stick with block one. As an overall approach this is what you’re looking for:

  1. Peeing and pooping while naked. Either with prompting or without.
  2. Peeing and pooping with clothes on, commando. With prompting or without.
  3. Peeing and pooping in different situations. With prompting or without.
  4. Peeing and pooping with underpants. With prompting or without.
  5. Consistent self-initiation.
  6. Night and nap (unless you are choosing to do it all together).

Today was all about staying at home, naked (Rory, not me) and spending the whole day observing your child, looking for signals and directing them where they need to go to do their business. Normalising the whole process. We have decided to do daytime potty training, i.e., still wearing nappies for nap and nighttime as Rory is still in a crib and is very happy there. Apparently this can be completely exhausting and you shouldn’t make any plans to do anything around the house as the focus needs to be completely on the child. So, I sent O had to get provisions for the whole day, lunch, snacks, treats (for him and me) etc. so I didn’t need to think about anything other than Rory and the potty. I also set up a potty ‘station’ on a cosy bathmat with wipes and books. We’d obviously bigged this day up and the Potty Bunny was working a treat, Rory had insisted on reading his potty training book a hundred times yesterday, so he knew what was coming. It’s worth noting that unfortunately Rory didn’t have a great night’s sleep. He woke up twice. A tired Rory and Mummy was not a great start to the whole process.

So, this morning we went in and the Potty Bunny had visited again, giving Rory instructions for the day. He listened intently and was eager to see what his treat was. We told him that his nappy was coming off and we were all done with them. He cried and protested a lot. The book the Potty Bunny gave worked as a great distraction and he insisted on sitting down with Daddy and reading it (about fifty times). There was no sign of a wee or poo and I didn’t want to over prompt or pressurize. He finally stopped crying when O and I got on with a few jobs. I said I needed to go to the loo and whilst I did he went to his potty and did his first wee. He was thrilled, especially when we used his special soap and Rory towel (a face flannel which is the perfect sized towel for little hands) and got to put a special star on his chart. I cottoned on quite quickly that he would only use the potty if he felt it was private (apparently a good socialisation skill) so we moved his potty area round the corner to a semi private space. This was Rory’s key thing. From then on he was happy to do his business in the potty whenever he needed to. I did prompt a little but mainly he would go when I said I was going (handily I’m pregnant so need to go all the time) or when he needed to. O phoned to check on progress and whilst I was on the phone Rory did a (huge) poo in the potty!

By nap time he was obviously exhausted and managed a two hour nap, which as you know is very unlike him. Apparently children process their new learning best when they sleep so I think it must have been linked to this. I was slightly worried that he wouldn’t want to part with his nappy afterwards, but he was eager to get going on the potty. By the afternoon he was going without prompting. Day one has resulted in fourteen wee’s and one poo all in the potty. No accidents today. Go Rory! The book was an absolute hit, I have read it continuously. I think he just liked to snuggle and know I was there as a comfort. He actually did better without the pressure of me watching him continuously so I managed to do laundry and cook a yummy cauliflower gratin for supper. I just made sure that whenever he said he needed to use the potty or if he just wanted to read or get me to sit and watch him play, I did. I obviously believed that I needed a treat from the Potty Bunny, so was thrilled when these arrived today in the post.

Tomorrow will be interesting as he’s ready to move on to block two – wearing trousers and a quick outing. I’m assuming this is where we’ll start having accidents. We shall see…











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