New nursery shoes


This morning Rory and I headed to Imagination Playground on a bit of a whim, hence the inappropriate water clothing and the need to strip down to a nappy. It didn’t put him off, however, and he loved both the large blue building blocks and lots of water play. After lunch I enjoyed a quick nap, whilst he had ‘resting time’ and then we made this tow truck together which he was thrilled with and wouldn’t get off all afternoon. We headed to the park for an hour before supper and met up with Lora, Oliver and Maeve. When we got home we had a delivery of Rory’s new school shoes. At Rory’s nursery the children have to take off their outdoor shoes and wear special indoor shoes. They recommended getting them from this website. Each shoe is handmade by ‘elves’ who even send a little note with your order and you can either choose one of their designs or make your own. Obviously, getting very excited, I decided we’d design our own. We went for navy leather (which is so, so soft) and a tan strap, vibram sole with a sheepskin lining. I thought these would be very cosy to play in. Needless to say Rory loves them. Operation nursery is well underway.









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