O is home


Why does it always seem to rain when O comes home from a long trip? We enjoyed a very quick family breakfast as he had to dash off to work but both Rory and I were thrilled to have him home. Unfortunately it was a horrid rainy day so in the morning Rory was incredibly helpful and assisted me in decluttering and organizing the bathroom (nesting!), doing lots of laundry and having a general tidy up ready for the weekend. The afternoon was no better but we focused on more Rory centered activities like building a town, doing some threading and some drawing. Rory was very proud of his yellow plane and his drawing of The Freedom Tower. I’m currently swatting up on all things potty related as we’re going to take the plunge later next week (wish me luck). I’m currently reading this, this, this and this and have a few of my own ideas to throw into the mix to make it more Rory centered. We shall see…









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