Getting ready for Autumn


I can’t believe that it’s very nearly September! We’re currently busy getting everything ready for Rory starting school. Today we caught the ferry to Tribeca where we went to Rory’s pediatrician to get all of his medical forms completed for nursery. He was most excited as he associates the doctors with playing and organic lollipops (today he went for rhubarb and custard flavour). We also picked up these new shoes and these snuggly new pajamas. Since we’re still without O and adjusting to dropping a nap, we enjoyed a slow paced day with friends at the park as well as tucking into these yummy fresh strawberries. We were lucky enough to catch up with Lora, Oliver and Maeve who are back from their holiday and join them to pick up our CSA shop. When we arrived home I had a surprise parcel waiting for me… a new dress from The Hatch Collection (my favourite maternity brand) that O had arranged. A very sweet gesture. I can’t wait for my boy to be home.







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