Norman and Jules


This morning the Egan family headed to Park Slope for a play in Prospect Park, a browse around newly opened Norman and Jules Toy Shop and a spot of lunch. Rory loves Prospect Park, so enjoyed running around chasing squirrels as well as climbing and sliding. Afterwards we headed to Norman and Jules which is possibly my favourite ever toy shop. In the world. I want to send anyone who wants to buy Rory a present to this place as it would be impossible to choose something bad. Rory settled on this sweet magnetic car game, which is perfect for quiet, independent time (which I’m trying to encourage with Baby E on the way) and some more wheels for his Tegu. We headed to yummy Bareburger for lunch, where we each devoured a burger and delicious sides. The afternoon was spent doing a few jobs as O leaves for a business trip later this evening, although we did manage to build a town with Rory which he loved playing with. With no nap again, Rory was in bed early which gave O and I the time to snuggle in and watch Clear History, which, if you like Larry David, will give you a laugh.



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