Getting into a new rhythm


Rory has a little summer cold and is still struggling with dropping his afternoon nap so we had a bit of a hard day yesterday (over tired and cranky) and he woke up in the night. I decided that a quiet, rhythmical day was what was needed. We left early in the morning to go to a quiet park where he enjoyed swinging and watching boats (including seeing the biggest boat ever on the river) and digging in the woods with his tractor. He ate a brilliant lunch and soon fell fast asleep (hurrah). When he woke up I spent some quiet time playing with him at home which he really responded well to, there was no whinging this afternoon. We headed out to the park again for an hour before heading home for an earlier supper (it’s been suggested that as Rory drops his nap, I need to bring the evening routine forward a little). I did a mexican themed meal with guacamole, refried beans and a chicken, cheese and vegetable quesadilla (which Rory, very sweetly, kept pronouncing “Ikea”). He loved it. A gentle bath time (where again I made a big effort to play with him), massage and story before bed at a slightly earlier time. We had such a better day today. Fingers crossed for a better night.





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