Baby E


Unfortunately O was stranded due to his flight being cancelled, so it was just Rory and I for breakfast. He made me a lemon tea (like daddy always does) in his play kitchen and some breakfast in his frying pan. He’s obviously watching O cook as he made a right mess! We met up with Marji and Gray and enjoyed a walk with chalk along the wobbly bridge. In the afternoon, once O came home, we went to the doctors to have a scan. I’m now 22 weeks and although Baby E is teeny tiny, we were able to get a confirmation that it’s a boy (yay) and a glimpse of him with a 3d image – what a sweetie, looking so relaxed. I’m so excited to meet him when he’s ready. On the way home we stopped off for a Jacques Torres salted caramel milkshake and Uncle Henry joined us for supper at Juliana’s. O and I snuggled in and when we eventually put away the image of Baby E started watching Orange is the new black, which we’re really enjoying.















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