How to create a beach in the city


This morning I caught up with the lovely Jennifer and Saffron, who’ve been away for the summer at their house on Shelter Island. We joined them and Lora, Oliver and Maeve and headed over on the ferry to Imagination Playground for the second day in a row. After lunch and a late nap, a big group of us gathered to go swimming at the pop up pool in our park. Whilst you wait before and after your swim session you can hang out at the ‘beach’ on deck chairs sipping delicious lemonade from Lizzmonade Brooklyn whilst the children build sandcastles. Soon enough it was our turn in the pool and Rorykins loved it. He had on his swimming vest, which is brilliant as it allows him the independency and freedom to swim on his own. He literally swam lengths for 45 minutes. We picked up our CSA on the way home before being joined by O for an early family supper. Needless to say, he was fast asleep in no time. This evening O and I snuggled in and watched Sylvia, which was both interesting and brilliantly acted.

PS If You live in London with little children, this looks like a fun place to hang out and do classes…



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