Lisa’s baby shower


Lisa and Craig are expecting their first baby and as a (sort of) surprise/ treat, Craig wanted to throw her a Baby Shower. We’d been emailing back and forth a few weeks before with ideas but on the day it was all Craig and wow, he did not let her down. It was an amazing shower! I had the lucky job of keeping Lisa away from home whilst Craig decorated the apartment. As a treat he’d organised us both to get a mani/ pedi spa treatment at Salon Cocoro which was bliss. Feeling thoroughly pampered we strolled back to Lisa’s where the party awaited. There was yummy food and lovely touches such as suggest a name and guess the gender (by selecting a handful of either blue or pink M&M’s. The most exciting moment came when Craig and a few other husbands came home and he and Lisa cut the cake to reveal the gender of their baby. We were all so excited to know whether the icing inside would be blue or pink. It was pink and we’re so thrilled that they’re having a beautiful baby girl! Yay! Rory and O came a little later (Rory adores Craig and Lisa and their cat Mister) and after a catch up we headed off to Smorgasburg for a spot of supper on the grass by the river. We caught the ferry home as the sun was beginning to go down and all headed to bed feeling exhausted after such a terrific day.











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