A new bus bag


Rory was incredibly excited for O being home from his recent trip to London. He was even more excited when he saw the bus bag that O had got him as a little surprise. He enjoyed filling it with stuff (mainly cars) and carrying it around the apartment. We met up with Randi and Marlowe and Marji, Gray and Luke, but just as we started to stroll it began to spit with rain. Fortuitously, the ferry came and we were able to hop on and shelter before getting off to check out the helipad which the boys loved. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely playdate with Christy and Emmett before heading over to the park. All of our gorgeous friends had obviously had the same idea, as without any planning we all ended up at the same little park at the same time. Enjoying have the park alone with friends, the children had a wonderful afternoon.









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