The Butcher’s Daughter


Wanting to use our yummy blueberries from our CSA, this morning I prepared some bircher muesli a la Bill Granger. We had it with grated apple and raw crushed cashews as I’d run out of raw almonds. Rory and I were up early to go to the park before Uncle Henry came and did a spot of babysitting. I went into Nolita to meet O and enjoyed a yummy juice (rubies in the dust) and avocado on toast at The Butcher’s Daughter. Once again Rory and I indulged in a lovely long nap before heading out to join friends at the park. It was so good to catch up with Christine, Gracie and Mason and Lora, Oliver and Maeve, I’ve really missed my girls.

PS A very happy birthday to Grandma Penny (CBE!). We’re so pleased that we got to celebrate with you a few days ago. We love you.

Bircher muesli with pear and blueberries


Serves 4.

200g rolled oats

375ml pear juice (I used apple)

2 pears, skin left on and grated

125g plain yoghurt

4 Tbsp toasted chopped almonds

80g blueberries

Put the rolled oats in a bowl with the pear juice and leave to soak for 1 hour, or overnight, in the fridge. Add the grated pear and yoghurt and mix well. Spoon the muesli into serving bowls and top each each with toasted almonds & blueberries.





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