Barnes Fair


This morning the Egan family headed across the common to Barnes Fair, an absolute favourite event for the whole family. Barnes is a very special place to us. Not only did O grow up there, but it is where we first lived together and where we got married. We’ve never missed a Barnes Fair until we moved to New York, so we were thrilled when it fell on a Saturday when we were around. Rory was equally charmed. He enjoyed perusing the stalls and choosing a fire engine for 50p and a fairy cake from the Brownie’s stall for 30p. His favourite thing, however, was riding around the common on Trigger the Train. After a cool down in the paddling pool at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s we headed out for afternoon tea at GGJ’s house (Great Grandma June). It was an early celebration of Grandma’s birthday. We enjoyed cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, strawberries, salted caramel macaroons and a yummy homemade victoria sponge. Not to be put off my being to full, later that evening I indulged in one last curry from here, which was so yummy. Gosh I miss English curries.







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