Rory’s first fish ‘n’ chips


We decided to escape London (and family) and have a night away with just O, Rory and I. We headed to beautiful Sussex where we stayed in the cottage at The Crab and Lobster. After a stroll around the area, which is very picturesque and quaint, we had lunch at the restaurant. Rory had his first taste of good old Fish ‘n’ Chips, which he loved. In the afternoon we headed to the beach at West Wittering which is basically England’s answer to The Hamptons; miles of golden sand and clear water. Rory and O loved splashing around and building sandcastles and train tracks. On the way home we stopped off at a local farm shop and picked up some delicious organic food bits for supper. It was so lovely having a cottage to ourselves as once Rory was in bed, O and I were able to sit out in the garden and later snuggle in the lounge and watch a film. I highly recommend this little gem of a place.


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