A day at the palace


Rory’s very clever Grandma has only gone and got herself awarded with a CBE! A very excited Egan family dressed up in their best and headed to Buckingham Palace. Hiding a little ‘Baby E’ bump, I wore a comfortable navy silk shift from Hatch Collection with a statement necklace and shoes. Grandma Penny looked stunning and was by far the best dresses recipient. We looked on adoringly as she received her honour from Prince Charles and couldn’t be prouder. Obviously you’re not allowed to take photos in the palace, but we have so many wonderful memories of the morning, even the good old British rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. Afterwards we joined GGJ, Uncle Nick and Auntie Tessa who were looking after Rorykins for a celebratory lunch at The Goring. Rory looked adorable in his little seersucker jacket and very spiffing arriving in Uncle Nick’s Bentley! The food and service was outstanding, and although our meals all arrived under a silver dome, Rory was most pleased with his when it revealed scrambled eggs on toast. An amazing, amazing day!







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