Imagination Playground


Although Rory woke up slightly early he was in a very good mood and after breakfast was eager to get to work creating a tow truck. He got everything he could get his hands on to do this and with creative thought and careful balancing enjoyed his task. Given the beautiful weather Rory and I met up with Marji, Gray and Luke, Lora, Oliver and Maeve, Heather and Luke and Katie and Ruby and headed to Imagination Playground on the ferry. The children really love this playground and given that there are even staff to keep a watchful eye on your little ones, mums do too! Whilst us ladies caught up, the children played in the water, the sandpit and with the fantastic blue blocks. Soon it was time to catch the ferry home but we decided to extend the fun by having a pizza picnic in the park. After a quick snooze, Rory helped me to prepare supper. It’s always fun working out what to do with CSA odds and ends. Tonight I had to make a meal with beetroot and carrots. I decided to go with a Middle Eastern theme and steamed them to go with Israeli cous-cous, sautéed onions, toasted pine nuts tossed in a yoghurt dressing. Rory loved helping me wrap the carrots and beetroot in tin foil to steam in the oven. Once we’d prepared the majority of it, we headed out to the park. Initially it was pretty quiet, but soon enough Jennifer and Saffron and Christine, Gracie and Mason turned up and we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon. Rory helped Gracie make sandcastles and enjoyed singing some of his music together songs with Saffron. We returned home with the oven beeping indicating that the beetroot and carrots were ready, and threw the warm salad together. It was delicious.











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