A trip to the doctors and daddy’s office


It was another beautiful day so after a leisurely start to our day in the park, Rory and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Tribeca to go to his two and a half year check up at the doctors. He now weighs 32 lbs and is 37.8 inches long. He got slightly upset at his injection, but once the doctor gave him an organic, sugar free lollipop he soon cheered up. We then continued our walk up into Soho where we popped in to O’s office as Rory has increasingly been asking where Daddy works. He loved meeting all of O’s colleagues, who were all so sweet to him, saying that they heat it when a two year old comes to the office better dressed than them! We all went out for lunch at a local falafel place that O often gets his lunch from and to top off a brilliant morning, Rory got to go home in a taxi, which he loved. After such a busy morning it was no surprise that he had a mammoth nap so I was able to get a few jobs done, read and nap myself! In the afternoon we joined lots of friends; Lora, Oliver and Maeve, Christine, Gracie and Mason, Heather and Luke and Katie and Ruby in the park. The children loved it. After a big lunch we stuck with a simple supper of jacket potato (or ‘Jack Tato’ as Rory calls it) with avocado and grated cheese (‘grey cheese’ according to Rory). He couldn’t get enough of it. He also sweetly insisted on using a knife and fork, just like Mummy and he’s getting pretty good at it. He even put them together in his bowl after he’d finished eating just like me (and not like O)!









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