Il Buco


After an early and gentle start in the park, Rory was incredibly excited to see Uncle Henry who was babysitting whilst I met O for a lunch time date in the city. We went to the amazing Il Buco, a delicious Italian where we both ate too much. It felt so luxurious to be out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant without a toddler! I arrived home to a sleeping Rory so was lucky enough to have a lovely relax before the afternoon session started. Once awake Rory and I headed out for a spot of afternoon tea – he wanted a chocolate cup cake. We were going to sit on our favourite bench with the amazing view of the city, but it started to rain. So we dashed home. Since it was a rainy afternoon and I was feeling inspired by my yummy lunch, I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen (with Rory’s help) for supper. I couldn’t resist the restaurant’s yummy bread so purchased a loaf for home and also had a craving for some really good fresh ricotta. Rory and I whizzed up a pea pesto in the food processor (garden peas, toasted pine nuts, raw garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper). Rory could not get enough of it and insisted on licking the spoon several times. I mixed the ricotta with lemon zest and salt and pepper and served them both on the bread which I griddled  with olive oil and garlic to create a bruschetta. It was so good.








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