Pancakes, pampering and a pre-Father’s Day brunch


Rory has been wanting to make pancakes all week so this morning O and I gave in. We used this mix as the base which is yummy and healthy and vegan! Rory loved getting all of the ingredients ready and putting them in the bowl and mixing, just like one of his favoruite stories; Pancakes, Pancakes. Once we were all dressed we hailed a cab and whilst I hung out at the ever trendy and relaxing Bumble and Bumble before my hair cut, the boys headed to a park in the West Village. We all met up for a Father’s Day lunch at Soho House, since O is away tomorrow at The US Golf Open (what a brilliant Father’s Day he’ll have) with Jim. After lunch we strolled along the High Line which Rory loved before heading home and napping. The boys went for a bike ride whilst I indulged in reading some of my latest book, bliss. Once Rory was in bed, O and I watched Dark Shadows which I enjoyed.















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