Our last Forest School class


We enjoyed the most beautiful weather for our last forest school class of the year. The class was as beautiful and magical as ever with all of it’s usual ingredients (mud soup, log tunnels, the tee-pee, apple butter, kite flying) but made that little bit more special with giant bubbles. I felt quite emotional as we all gathered in our circle for our final goodbye song – there was even a special song as it was our last class. Rory gave Jane this book as it’s one of his favourites and whenever we read it he points to the picture of the forest and says “There’s Jane, Mummy, with apple butter”. She loved it and sent me a very sweet thank you note. I’m already counting the days until next Spring when we all meet again. That evening O and I enjoyed a lovely date night at the fantastic Colonie (where we sat at the Chef’s bar). The food was as delicious as always but I couldn’t help thinking that last time I was there I was with some of my favourite girls in the world (including gorgeous Mel) and Marji had baby Luke just after we finished our meal! It was such a beautiful, balmy evening that O and I decided to walk home via the promenade and wobbly bridge. With the Manhattan skyline all lit up I couldn’t help but think how in love with this man and this city I really am. Gorgeous, gorgeous day.



















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