A day out at the farm and beach


Luckily the weather today was stunning as the Egan family joined the Lewin family on a fun road trip. Our first stop was the beautiful Stone Barns Center or “Maisy’s Farm” as Rory called it. Set on picturesque upstate country land, it really is a picture postcard farm. After a quick explore of the shop and cafe we met up with the rest of our group for egg collecting. Each child was given a wire basket and instructed how to handle the hens and collect the eggs from the huts. Rory loved it (although managed to slightly crack three eggs!). Afterwards we headed over to the cafe for a yummy lunch under the gazebo. The food from the cafe was freshly prepared farm to table food and tasted utterly delicious. We even got a couple of fresh scones to bring home for afternoon tea tomorrow. Once we were all fed and watered we had a big explore around the working farm. The boys enjoyed seeing sheep and lambs, pigs and piglets, little chicks and cows but mostly all of the farm machines. Feeling a little exhausted it was soon time to head back to the car for a nap, but just before O treated the boys to a little tractor each and some beautiful local hand thrown nesting bowls for me. The boys were soon napping and given that we had a little more time with the hire car, plus the weather was so nice, we decided to stop off at the beach. We headed to Rye beach and whilst the boys all built sandcastles, splashed in the sea and explored some fishing boats, Lucy and I enjoyed a cheeky cocktail. With sea salt and sand in our hair we headed home after a brilliant day of fun.























Image 2


Image 1





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