Imagination Playground


Rory and I were able to indulge in more Marji, Gray and Luke time this morning when we headed across the water on the East River Ferry to Imagination Playground. This is one of my favourite playgrounds in the city because it actively encourages creative play. Unfortunately it was destroyed by Sandy and was closed for a long time so we haven’t been able to go. Today was our first trip this year and a year on Rory still loves it, in fact he seems to get even more from it. When we got home we decided it would be nice to continue the fun by having a picnic in the park. We got a yummy sandwich from the newly opened No. 7 Sub and headed to some shady grass. Rory was pretty exhausted when we got home, but that didn’t stop him fighting his nap. Instead of sleeping he managed to maneuver his crib over to his drawers and find the aromatherapy chest balm (which we and he call nose balm because we put it on his nostrils when he’s congested) and slater it over his face and hair. He then got a wipe and removed it. When I went in to get him up he smelt fantastic and had a sort of styled look to his hair (see photo below in vest) and shouted proudly “nose balm”. What a monkey!   It’s the gorgeous Lora’s birthday today so we popped by this afternoon for a quick catch up with the birthday girl and to drop off her gift. We enjoyed a lovely stroll and catch up with Christine, Gracie and Mason in the afternoon. A busy but wonderful day. 









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