The water lab


The hot weather continued so the Egan family picked up some croissants, got on their bikes and headed to The Water Lab for the first time this Summer. Needless to say Rory loved it. Given that it was the weekend it was incredibly busy and I think it needs to be an early morning weekday activity from now on. We stopped off at the new organic Farmer’s Market on the way home to buy some produce and then Smorgasburg to stock up on a yummy lunch. We all enjoyed long, late naps so didn’t do too much in the afternoon. We got Rory’s feet measured and purchased a pair of these sandals and then made up and cooked this recipe for spaghetti squash, feta, roasted pine nuts and lemon zest muffins for supper. Yummy. Having had a late nap O and I indulged in some great Sunday night TV. Mad Men was it’s usual brilliant self and Game of Thrones… OMG. THAT wedding scene. I could hardly watch and actually had nightmares all night. No joke. Gripping stuff.





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