Cacao Prieto


The grey, rainy weather is continuing so we decided to go on a family bike ride (a much quicker way to get home should the need arise). We stopped off at the park on the way to Red Hook where O and Rory enjoyed some spinning action. Once in Red Hook we popped to Fairway to stock up on yummy weekend treats so we didn’t have to go out in the rain again. They have a fantastic selection of English goods so we were able to get ‘proper’ cheddar (from Devon) and clotted cream. Clotted cream! We also explored Cacao Prieto, a chocolate factory which makes the most exquisite bars. The whole Egan family got involved in the tasting – quite impressive as it’s very rich, dark chocolate. In the end we decided on a raisin and hazelnut and an almond and sea salt bar. Out the back of the factory Rory spotted a cockerel, which he loved. We cycled home and snuggled in for the afternoon. In the evening O and I were supposed to be going on a date to see The Great Gatsby. It was a total disaster. Even though we had purchased the tickets in advance, the subway was so delayed we only just made the opening of the film. Unfortunately most of New York had decided to go and see this film so the only seats left were right at the front where you crick your neck trying to look at the screen and loose your hearing being so near to the speaker. We decided not to stay. We did manage a stroll down 5th Avenue and picked up something yummy to eat from 12 chairs before heading home. Boo.






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