Sand and ice cream sandwiches


Rory and I headed off to the shops this morning to pick up some yummy ingredients for supper and the weekend. We popped in to the book store on the way where Rory loves to look at all of the transportation section and makes me read them to him. The day was too nice not to be at the park, so we made a quick stop off at Pirate where the sandpit was incredibly busy. Whilst I prepared lunch, Rory played with his cart. He’s currently very into making things with his cart, using chairs or a broom to make it into a tow truck. Today we was trying to work out how to attach his push cart to the back. In the afternoon we made the most of the beautiful weather by joining Lucy and Teddy and strolling along the river to sandbox village, where the boys played happily all afternoon. We arrived home and I put on some Willy Mason and threw together a delicious and light watermelon, tomato and feta salad. For a Friday night treat we enjoyed salted caramel ice cream sandwiches from Jacques Torres, yummy. 







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